Newton Integration


Please add integration with Newton IMHO the best email app for Mac, iOS and others



Hey @stefanow,

Newton Included to the list of suggestions of integrations!

Let’s see how will the rest of the community vote.

Cheers and thanks. :slight_smile:



Thank you! I hope that there are more Newton users here… :wink:

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Hi @stefanow,

can you make a case for Newton in comparison to e.g. Spark? Doest it have team collaboration tools?

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Newton is pretty much dead. They have not updated their app in more than 3 months. If email integration, I would consider Spark because they have a very active and committed team behind it.



Hi @tl1 and welcome to our Community Forum!

I use Spark everyday for my business needs and find it useful. It has very good integrations with Todoist and Trello: it would be great to have it integrated with Infinity as well.

I heard some people commenting favorably about Newton but watching videos on their website I can’t see anything that I can’t already do in Spark.

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