No update since May!


Hello guys;
Although infinity has a good infastracture but the system is still useless! , I really waiting for Formula and recurring tasks which seems being suggest from 2 years and not implemented yet, the team stopped their updates in Public Roadmap. I really want to know when they gonna implement all these features!


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mmm and no reply to this in 5 days??
Whats going on, beginning to worry if this company is legit, better check how much time is left on 30 day refund.



I agree the updates and answers to the community suck at the moment. But this is unfortunately nothing new. It usually means that the whole team is working their ass off for a new functionality.
I’ve been using infinity for about 18 months now and while things take their time, they have always delivered.
This is definitely not a company with the resources like Google but I trust them to be around in ten years still and longer. Especially so close before developing automations and formulas which take infinity to a whole new level.

But I agree they really have to put more effort into communicating with the community and hope that this will change back to daily updates.



Thanks for that, that is really helpful hearing your experience.
No matter how good a product is though they wont go far without good customer care and communication.
Hopefully it improves as I am quite enthusiatic about infinity regardless of its numerous rough edges I hope its immense potential is realised.



They do care and communicate well, but unfortunately not fast. But this will improve once their team grows. I guess this will happen when they stop offering the lifetime deal and get more monthly paying customers.

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Hello @abdo and @derrickmg.admin!

And thank you for sharing your thoughts and for your support @micck, we appreciate it! :slight_smile:

First of all, let me apologize for only replying to this topic now.

We try to give the best customer support as we can, and we take great pride in our communication with our community. In fact, we are very proud to say that from this week finally, we can offer 24/7 chat support. I will invite you if you have any questions or need help, to write to our chat support and you should get a reply within minutes.

However, on our community forum, we don’t offer such speedy support and it’s possible that sometimes it might take a few days to get a reply. That’s why I suggest reaching out to our support agents if you need help with something urgently.

Of course, we’ll try to be faster here as well as we train our new support team members. We believe that community forum replies do require a certain level of experience and knowledge that only our veteran team members have, which is why we still need to get our newest team members to a certain level to be able to join us here. :slight_smile:

Anyway, let’s get to the more important part.

When it comes to the roadmap and our development of new features, we have indeed been working hard on developing features from the roadmap as well as some smaller improvements, updates and fixes that are not on the roadmap but are very necessary to do, and we release those almost daily.

Regarding the bigger features from the roadmap, since publishing the roadmap, we have started working on some new features, we are almost done with the Archive feature for example, and many features from Planning column are now in the Backlog which means they have been prioritized due to the high number of votes from our community.

The only thing which has been stagnant is the Updates folder (which we haven’t updated in a while but we did absolutely have new updates in the meantime for each month. :slight_smile: ), and although we have actually taken some suggestions from the Community’s Voice (like password-protected public boards which is in the works), we haven’t taken the time to actually update the public roadmap with these changes.

Of course, we are aware we need to update the roadmap more regularly and we plan to do it this week and keep it more up to date from this week on.

As @micck said, we don’t have resources like Google (or some bigger work management tools at the moment), which means our speed of development can’t be on that level, but I can assure you that we are doing our best to develop the new features and improvements as fast as we can, and we’re trying to offer the best and fastest customer support we can.

I hope that clarifies things a bit. Sorry for a bit longer reply. If you have any additional questions or concerns, let me know! :slight_smile:



That’s wonderful to hear Jovana

I am pleased that you accept the criticism in a positive way, which is what was meant.
We do care about this product and wish it only the best.
As both the Roadmap and the forum are publicly available it is highly in your interests to keep it up to date, as otherwise it looks like you don’t use your own product and interested people will see that. I was swayed in my own purchase by reading the excellent responses of Coa in the forum, so it is very important. I know he has left and I guess that made me wary that things had gone wrong. I was glad to read @micck give his experience and that his assertation that you were simply caught up in working hard on new functionality, proved to be spot on.

All the best for the future.



Thank you @Jovana for this beautiful explanation.

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Thank you for understanding @derrickmg.admin!

Coa contributed immensely to this community (and to our product and team in general), so I have big shoes to fill but I’ll do my best. :slight_smile:

By the way, we should have an update to our Roadmap today or tomorrow, and I’m expecting that the roadmap will be managed much better from this week on.

Have a great day!

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Thank you for taking the time to respond with kind words @man! :pray: