Notifications of others

Is there a way as owner/admin to see when changes are made in every board? Like with Trello, I get a notification when an activity occurs in a board. I would like to be able to see the work my team is doing and get notifications when something changes, such as a task being moved from in progress to completed. Is there a way to do this?

Hi @lifebydesignva Welcome to the community, we are super happy to have you hear :partying_face:

There is a way to track exactly what has been changed or done to the item. You can do that through the “Activity Log” which you can find in the board manager or you can expand each item and click on the “activity log” section for that specific item.

1st option will allow you to filter folders and collaborators to see exactly what they did, while the 2nd option will allow you to see specific changes just on that one item.

1st option:

2nd option:

Now, when it comes to notifications and you being notified when something was updated or changes (like status, an item was marked completed or similar), for now that is not possible. However, users already made suggestions about this and this is something our team will be discussing about.

For now the only way you can get notified is if someone mentions you in the comment section of that specific item and lets you know about the changes that have been made, for example: “@lifebydesignva we’ve started working on this task so we moved it to the “doing” stage” . In that case, you will get a notification in the top right corner - where the bell sign is and an email notification letting you know what the comment is and on what item.

Hopefully in the future we will see other notifications, just like the ones you mentioned :wink:

Hope this helps! :smile: