Hi All,

I have found a tool that is powerful, integrated, and has some features that may be a good brainstorming push from there to here. Examples of what they have:

  2. Dark mode
  3. Excellent Pricing Strategy (1 user is free…)
  4. Viewing each Item as a Page (I think the current item view should be expandable to a wider size… :slight_smile:
  5. Excellent app integration
  6. Exporting, and advanced importing
  7. Additional Importing features
  8. Online collaboration
  9. Excellent Documentation Guidelines Accessibility

There are more. They are missing some key functionality that is currently roadmapped here, like automation, and enhanced notification features. The UI is more user friendly here at Infinity as well.


This is an interesting platform, wasn’t aware of it.


very interesting indeed!


Yo, yo guys!

Notion is indeed a very powerful tool! We’ve created a few accounts ourselves there as well :slight_smile: It’s sparking a little bit of imagination on our side as well :slight_smile:


New user here - definitely take some queues from them!

It would be great to have a “distraction free” or “zen mode” in Infinity.

There’s something about the cleanliness of their interface that strikes me, but I’d also like to be able to see in depth boards/data when necessary (more often probably).

The ability to create a “wiki” is a major selling point imo.

I’m so glad this app was brought to my attention and I’m looking forward to seeing how it can improve Infinity!

Thanks @BaiJie!


Yes, Notion is very well thought through. I like the simplified clean interface. It helps me to stay focused. Definitely something infinity needs to work on. The sorting feature is awesome! When will infinity have that? The wiki feature is also very cool. And offline mode is very important for people on the go…


Hey guys!

Thanks for your input, we definitely have something to learn from Notion. :slight_smile:

I agree with y’all that we should work on sorting feature ASAP, and we’ve already discussed it.

Wiki is dope, as well, but I’m not really sure about its use case in Infinity.

Offline mode --> Definitely a must have. :slight_smile:


I think the Wiki doesn’t necessarily have to be a Wiki, but there could be some kind of “Standards” page for company project management (Orders, formatting, information that should be added in, etc.). This way larger companies can have reference materials so everyone can maintain unity in organization.

If that information could be viewed from anywhere on the site (tab on the side, button on the bottom, bar on the top, etc.) it would be very convenient!


I feel like this could be a Wiki Location… have a button in the corner that allows for documentation for a team…


I’m not sure I understand this mockup :slight_smile: but I tkink a corner is not a convienient location. I remember a Notepad feature in clickup in this location and it wasn’t practical for me.

This is my idea of Infinity-powered Wiki or Konowledge Base (Long description would have to be much bigger for it to work, maybe even separete column?):


I am thinking the corner button… The reason why I didn’t like the one on ClickUp is because it was a quick note page… It felt unorganized. but if you could have even a link to the Wiki (opens a different page, or overlays the current page) it would allow quick access to reference work standards. It could then escape the side column view of the item, and be a full page.

The chat on the right would be a nice way to access team communication (especially for a person like me, 100% remote from my team.


What’s the current status/estimate of the native apps?! - the Notion app is so much faster than the web version of Infinity.


Hey @sammathis,

Thanks for the question. We’re planning on releasing Infinity app(s) in Q2 2019.

Note that we’re still in Beta, and pretty much focusing on making the core of our software, which is web app at this moment.

BTW. Infinity is fully responsive on mobile devices, we’ve received amazing feedback from mobile users as well. I know that Mobile apps are a must, and we definitely can’t wait to release them in the near future. :slight_smile: