Notion v Infinity - use both or go all in on one?

Hi there! I am a new Infinity user and considering upgrading my plan.

I also use Notion for note-taking and knowledge management, but some say to be wary of their dubious security terms. How does Infinity compare with regards to this? I work with students so I want to ensure that their information is kept as safe as possible.

I suppose my main question is, should I go for the biggest plan I can afford and just use Infinity, or should I go for a smaller plan and continue to use it alongside Notion?

Any insights and advice would be greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

All I can say is that thinking about this drives me crazy. I have the paid for infinity app because I knew I would use it and don’t like to pay monthly etc. I have gotten by with notion and the free plan. The thing about notion is that mine got so big I could no longer find anything. It’s nice to have many many features but organization goes haywire.

There are things that notion does better than infinity but since infinity got their printing act together that isn’t one of them.

There are a few things that neither infinity or notion don’t do so in this case I default to infinity.

I’d like to be able to email multiple contacts from infinity but I can’t. If I filter on some they all get selected when exporting, stuff like that.

But it looks like they are trying hard to keep up the development and always adding and completing new features so that’s a bonus.