November/December Update


Hey guys, let’s start this week right! We’ve prepared quite a few updates and we have a feeling you’ll like them.

Here’s what’s new:

#1 Export to PDF (Print Items) ​​🖨️

One of the features you’ve been requesting a lot lately is live! You can now export your items to PDF and print them out.

Since you’ll be able to export your items to a PDF format, you’ll be able to document them in a much better way and keep hard copies of them if you need to. You will also be able to export your items in a bulk using multiple select.

It’s important to note that we are still working on this feature and planning to add more options, such as exporting the whole folder to PDF.

Read more about the feature here.

#2 New Attribute: Custom Item :id:

Keeping track of inventory, support tickets, dev tasks and all sorts of other items is now becoming much easier and systematic.

We have implemented the custom ID attribute which will allow you to have automatic numbering on your items so you and your team can easily identify, search for and manage your items by their unique ID.

Learn how to use Custom Item ID here.

#3 Automation | Assign ID Action :paperclip:

Related to the Custom Item ID feature, we have also added a new automation action: Assign ID. This will allow you to create rules for when you wish for certain items to get a custom ID.

#4 Automations | Send Email Action :e-mail:

From now on you’ll be able to set up automations that will send an email to the people of your choosing after a certain trigger.

This action will be the most useful with the ‘Form Submitted’ trigger because you’ll be able to create an automatic email that is sent to everyone who has submitted a form and left you their email address via the form.

The email body could always be the same, or you can take advantage of the dynamic fields to create your own email templates.

Read more in the help center.

#5 Automations | Date Offset :spiral_calendar:

Another cool addition to our Automations feature is the Date Offset. You will be able to use this functionality with Create Item and Update Item actions in conjunction with the Date attribute - to be able to select how much before or after you want certain automation to be triggered.

#6 Manage Trash Permission :wastebasket:

We’ve added ‘Manage Trash’ permission which will allow workspace owners to control who can access and manage Trash.

#7 Comment Reactions :heavy_check_mark:

A small but very handy improvement was also added to Infinity comments - reactions. From now on you will be able to react to comments with emojis instead of having to write a brand new comment just to confirm you have seen or agree with something.

#8 Table Performance Optimization :fast_forward:

We are continuously working on performance optimization and from today you might notice a big improvement in your tables. Navigating and scrolling through your tables will now be much smoother and faster.

Have fun exploring the new functionalities, and let’s all have a productive week! :muscle:



I applaud you for these fancy bells and whistles.:grinning:

But all I want for Christmas :christmas_tree:
is a decent mobile view with checklists on the front of cards.

Pretty Please :heart_eyes: