Number column in Table view scrolls out of view

Sometime in the past week or so, the numbers column in Table view started scrolling out view when horizontally scrolling the table to the left. The numbers column was always by default reliably “pinned”, so that it would remain in view while horizontal scrolling.

This new behavior is bothersome because when the numbers column scrolls out of view we lose access to the 3-dot menu and the click-over-the-number feature to open the side-modal. Now we have to scroll back to the right to access that column, see the numbers, open the side-modal and access the 3-dot menu.

The numbers column also scrolls out of view when the side-modal is open.

Hopefully this is a bug and not the new intended behavior.

Hey there @chrish :wave:

Completely understand, those 3 dots and numbers themselves do help a lot and they provide you with the possibility to expand the item.

This happened probably due to our sub-items (that we are currently developing), some design changes were implemented and we probably overlooked something or pushed something that isn’t right. Oops.

We have created a ticket and informed our team about this, hopefully we’ll be able to investigate and bring those numbers back soon. :pray:

Thank you for reporting this @chrish :v:

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Thanks! Looking forward to the fix.

@chrish :wave:

Just wanted to come back here again and let you know that this issue should be fixed now :pray:

Cheers :v: