Number of board members incorrect

I’ve had 3 members on a board. Then I removed 2. But the number shown on the homepage is still 3. Tried to refresh, log out/in, add users and remove users again…It is still 3.

is this a bug?

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Hey @scholvien,

This is most definitely a bug.

You are the owner of both the workspace and board from which you’ve removed users, right?

Yes, Im the owner of both

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just wondering if this was fixed yet? Because it seemed it is fixed, removing and adding people changed the numbers correctly on overview.

But I have one board left now that has 2 members but shows 8.
So seems to work partly now.

Hey @scholvien,

Yes, our developers have started fixing this issue and have pushed a change.

I’m not sure why the remaining board is still showing the incorrect number of members.

Can you try playing around the board settings, refreshing and check again?

Just one more question, this bug is showing in a dashboard, right?

nope. this one board will not change the number of users on it. I have removed people, added again, etc. it stays on the same number. There are 2 members on the board but it keeps displaying 11 users (not 8 as I said earlier).

11 is the total number of people who are added to this workspace the board is in. other boards on same workspace display he user number correctly.

So you’re 100% sure that you’ve included only 2 members by clicking on their checkbox into that board?

Sorry for all the questions.

I’m also going to add something in PM.

100% sure. 2 are added with the checkbox ticked. It is still showing the number 10 on the board.
And all other boards behave correct now. I can add and remove people and the number is reflected correctly. But this one board is the only one that does not reflect any number changes.