Number One Feature Request: TABLE VIEW

I know y’all are swamped, but the single highest priority for me right now is seeing what Table View does.

The regular List View is fine for very simple items, but once there are more than a couple of attributes, the List items get very sloppy and inconsistent looking. I’m hoping List View will clean this up.

How soon? :slight_smile:

We all want Table view so much.

Let’s make a deal right here :slight_smile:

1st Decembar 2018 - Table View 1.0 goes live.

It’s our Number One feature in the backlog and we started making it today.

Woohoo! You got a deal. If you get it done by 12/1, I’ll come over with cookies.

(Sounds like it’s harder than it looks. Is it really a month of work?)