Offer choice to change all duplicate folders from a set, or change only the duplicate folder being changed

I used one folder’s layout to make a set of 8 duplicates to use as a template and moved each duplicate to use as a sub-folder for 8 other folders. I needed to make a few different but minor changes to the layout in 3 of the 8 folders I duplicated. However, I didn’t realize that changes to the layout of one duplicate folder changed all 8 folders I originally duplicated.

Although the layout changes to the 3 folders were minor, because the changes were different in each one of the 3 folders, the ripple effect across all 8 folders I originally duplicated created such a mess I had to delete all of them and start over from scratch.

I don’t know if this is the intended behavior, so by design it’s not possible to change the layout of a single folder (or a few) from a set of duplicate folders, or there’s something I’m not getting.

If it’s by design, I would like to request an option that allows us to choose whether layout changes to a folder from a set of duplicate folders affects “all duplicate folders” or a “single duplicate folder”.

~ This option’s descriptions could read as:

Change All Duplicate Folders - changes apply to all duplicate folders.

Change Single Duplicate Folder - changes apply only to the duplicate folder being changed.

The option should display as a heads-up prompt that appears when a user seeks to change something in the layout of a folder that originates from a set of duplicate folders. (Like the “Move” / “Move & Merge” heads-up prompt that displays when a user moves an item from one folder to another folder).

Having the ability to make multiple duplicates of a folder’s layout to create a set of a template is incredibly invaluable. However, it’s not unusual that the need arises to make slight changes to the basic layout of one (or more) template from the set (as opposed to creating additional templates that except for minor changes are redundant).

It would be great if we also had the flexibility to change one (or more) of the templates from a set we create, without all of them by default being changed.

Hey @chrish,

After a good 30-45 minutes of trying to reproduce the problem, I can’t seem to identify what seems to be the problem.

Can you tell me what do you mean by ‘folder layout’?

Also, is it okay if you made a short video of the issue? If you feel like not sharing the data from your boards on the Community Forum, we can have a quick call, or you can send me the video on my mail:

Thanks in advance!


I apologize for my delayed response.

Thanks for taking so much time troubleshooting the issue. I should have been more clear that when I referred to a folder’s “layout”, I meant its collection of attributes.

I encountered this some time ago, and it appears I can’t reproduce the problem either.

Since “Remove from this folder only” and “Delete from the whole board” are choices in each attribute’s drop-down configuration menu, it’s now possible to confine attribute changes to a single folder.

I think the excellent feature idea @veronica suggests in this threadhttps: //, to “lock” attributes to a folder and prevent them from being used in another folder, would also enhance more easily setting up, managing and using a variety of unique multiple attribute layouts across multiple folders within a board.