Offline changes not sticking once back online


I made a significant number of additions and changes while offline that didn’t hold after getting back online.

I was traveling with no internet access, but with plenty of time to do work. It was incredibly frustrating that I was under the impression I was getting stuff done, only to find out later when I got back online just a few of the additions and changes remained intact!

Needless to say, there was more frustration with doing double-work - and the time it took - to go back and do it all over again.



Hi @chrish,
I had a similar issue. When I refreshed the page the items re-appeared. Maybe this solves it for you, too.



Thanks @micck, I’ll give that a try. Hopefully that’s all it is, as I didn’t refresh the page when i got back online. I just started working right away in my attempt to pick up where I left off when was offline.

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Hi @chrish,

Was that the issue? I’m interested before I try doing any offline work… haha

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@BaiJie, I haven’t had time to test it…been too busy w’ the holiday and painting around our place I’ve had to do over the past couple of days.

I hope to find time to test it tomorrow or the next day. Until then I’ll only do work online. I will post my findings when I test it though.

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