Offline messages stack up

I have noticed if I leave the Infinity application running in my browser, as my Mac goes to sleep and wakes there are a lot of offline messages that stack up and briefly get displayed each time I display the browser tab with Infinity. The attached file only shows a small number of these but if I were to show you what it looks like in the morning after being left overnight, there are many more.



Yeah, this new message warning has been popping slightly more frequently than it should be.

t should disappear within a few seconds (30 maximum) within the time you’ve opened your laptop again with Infinity opened and the Internet connection working fine.

I saw in the video that the red indicators disappeared immediately. Is that right?

I also believe that might be the case, cause the Wi-fi ‘restarts’ when a device is not used for some time (overnight, for a few minutes)… That’s what happens on my laptop sometimes, anyway…

I’ll make sure to send this feedback to the dev team and see if they can implement an improvement quickly.

Thank you so much for reporting all the glitches, Mike :slight_smile: I really appreciate that.

Yes, they quickly disappear.

I am just trying to pass along what I am finding so we can make the product better. I look forward to seeing these issues get resolved. Thanks for your help.

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Massive problems here each time I try to add a new row to a table or add data.

Hey @maltekiesel,

Do you have any pop-up blocker in place, maybe?

maybe, but I didn’t change it recently. It’s the same with different browsers and on different computers. Since today it says “Server error” instead of “too many attempts”. It worked fine for a few months, this occured first time some days ago.

Having the same issues. Yesterday i was getting too many retires, i found out this was due to a popup blocker called UBlock Origin, soon as i disabled this it worked fine again.

Today i am getting server error, and another user has reported the same to me, we’re also getting message pop ups saying there was an error or this item never existed.

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ok, stopping uBlock origin also stops the “offline” message. But server error stays and I still can*t add any data to my tables.

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Same I am still getting server error, not sure what is causing it. it is strange as the data i add, does get added, but it get a message saying there was a problem

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a few minutes ago the server error disappeared and adding data works without problems. But uBlock origins still causes problems, so I keep it deactivated for infinity. But it worked without any problems since I started using infinity.

Hey guys!

Regarding the server issue we’ve experienced today:

We were experiencing a server issue this morning and this is due to the migration of servers to a new infrastructure, as a part of app optimization and performance improvements.

We’re doing our best to make the switch as painless as possible this, so we’re terribly sorry for the issue that occurred.

Everything should be back to normal now. So, could you please refresh your page and try to do some edits? Please let me know if you’re still experiencing the same issue.


as long as uBlock is deactivated, everything is fine now. But else I get the same messages as shown in the screenshot above.

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You’re still having ‘Too Many Attempts’ message?

yes, as long as uBlock is active…

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It works fine with AdBlockPlus, but uBlock origin still causes the problem.

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