Offline Mode ASAP!


This is not as much of a bug report as it is feature request bump.

Infinity was just down for about 20 minutes or so. It’s possible that it was longer, but I only experienced it for that long from the time I first opened it today to do work until it came back online.

Luckily it’s Sunday and I’m not pressed to get anything done or dealing with any deadlines-of-the-day. However, if this happened during a business weekday at a critical point when I’m working on very important time sensitive communications, tasks or deadlines, It would be a serious problem as Infinity has become my main platform for working.

So, I’m requesting that the Infinity team make Offline Mode super high priority status. That way - in theory - users could continue working if Infinity happened to go down for any reason during business/working hours - which is basically 24-7 since there’s probably users in just about every time zone.

It’s already a concern that there’s no practical and/or efficient way for us to back up our data from Infinity. If there were a major calamity, we have no way of having our data preserved with our person, or in another location of our choosing. Perhaps in the absence of a way for us back up our data, Offline Mode would help if such an event ocurred.

I see on the Public Roadmap that Offline Mode’s status is designated as Doing and the progress bar is at %90. Hopefully these are accurate. Given the volatile times in which we presently find ourselves I think it should take top priority.




I agree! It was down during our work hour (which is morning here in my time zone). We have to stop all orders since our orders process through Infinity. Offline mode will be a great feature.

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