Offline mode for infinity

Hi, are plann8ng an offline mode?

How would you handle permissions? Here is the scenario: In case i would delete an item being in offline mode and another user alters the item… wha5 would happen when I am back online?


Hey @knuthake,

Offline mode is a good idea. :slight_smile: We’ve thought about it before, and we’ve definitely wanted to build something likewise.

However, we’re not really sure when would that be. We’re hoping for summer this year. Our priorities right now are Notifications, Activity Log and Duplicating feature (which should be live very soon), after which we’re focusing ASAP on Mobile App and Integrations.

Once we start working on Infinity offline mode, we’d probably have a separate and independent ‘base’ which would store all the data changed in the offline mode. Later on, when the Online/Collaboration mode is switched back on, there would automatically be an update/trigger which would make changes to the whole board.

And the options on what would happen among the members would probably depend on the permissions. The thing is that probably ‘Admin’ could enable the Offline mode, rather than just Team members. :slight_smile:

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I sent this to Trello the other day…

Hi There,

I’m sure you get this all the time, and understand the complexities, but here are a couple ideas:

1: “Read-Only” Offline Mode — Have a locally stored copy of Trello boards created when it is opened, and then have a check when re-opened. If offline, no edits can be made. If online, update to current version. ( if memory allocation is an issue, only include text…)

2: Sync when back online — If there is only one user, then allow a cache of the information to be stored, and then updated when back online.

3: Sync all users — Perhaps this could be done in a similar fashion to the mobile apps…

I think it would be stellar to have “pure offline” projects as well… ones that I don’t need to sync online, and projects that I wouldn’t have any other contributors on…


Hey @BaiJie, thank you very much for sharing this!

It’s an awesome suggestion and thanks for putting up a great example.

We’ll definitely work our way around that, and we’re hoping to create this kind of solution in Infinity. I’ve taken a screenshot and put into the Suggestion Queue.

Thanks for being so active! :slight_smile: