On trash, items appear like "Unnamed"


Currently, if I delete an item and go after to the Trash in order to try to recover it, when I arrive to the trash, all the deleted items appear as “unnamed” (please see the attached screen).
It’s very important to correct this issue, or else users won’t know which items they want to recover.



Hi there @joao.jesus :wave:

Interesting, I have tested a couple of different things on my end and I wasn’t able to replicate this!

What happens in my case is this:

  1. If I delete the name (value, not attribute) from an item the item in my trash will say folders name “tasks” for example.

  2. If I introduce a secondary “primary” attribute or text attribute - that does not change much as well, they still end up with a name from another text attribute or they’ll end up saying what the folder name is!

  • Could you tell us if this is still happening on your end?
  • Could you tell us the attributes you use, do they have a primary attribute (name), do you have multiple text attributes?
  • What happens when you restore the item, does it come back with its original name?

Looking forward to your reply @joao.jesus :v:



Hi @marko
I confirm that currently this issue is working as expected and the items in Trash are currently showing their name.
So it looks that it was solved in the meantime.



Hi @joao.jesus :wave:

Excellent, thank you for letting us know, we appreciate it! :+1:

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