Onboarding: couldn't upload my profile and team pictures


During onboarding I was asked to set my profile/team pic. I clicked “browse”, chose my picture, clicked “Open” but the picture wasn’t visible. That happened twice, on team picture as well.

Inside Infinity there weren’t my pictures but when I cliched in the settings I wasable to set my pictures (from my computer) without any problems.

Same here - no image uploads during onboarding. (Or maybe it uploads, but the image doesn’t appear in the dotted circle.)

I just noticed that setting my profile/team photo results in showing the preview but after I go to another page it’s lost.

(edit: And that’s why there is white spacebetween checkbox ant item’s name: there should be my picture :wink: )

Hi guys, yes we’ve also noticed this bug. It’s fixed now. Try to upload it again by visiting your profile and your team settings.

I still can’t get my photo to stay. Will try tomorrow… now I can finally go sleep after 3 days :wink:

My photo won’t “stick” either. I can select an image, but it disappears as soon as I leave the profile screen.

And unfortunately, once it fails to upload a photo, then I’m simply “invisible” in the “Assigned” attributes, so it just adds white space where my photo should be.

This is fixed. Thank you for reporting the bug @adam, @man :slight_smile:

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Yes! That’s great… Thanks!