Onboarding multiple team members

The onboarding process was fairly smooth for me - I was the first member of our company to sign up. The “how will you use Infinity” questions were fine for me.

However - when other employees (invited by me) went to sign up, they were presented with the same onboarding process. This means everyone was asked to name the company and create a new board.

It might be better if there was a different onboarding process for the account owner/admin, compared to normal members who are just joining the team.

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Hi @adam,

We were thinking about this and decided to go with the this login for now:

  • Invited member fills in ‘about data’ ( company industry, etc… )
  • Invited member doesn’t create new workspace/board/template he just joins invited team/board.

I’ve just checked onboarding and it’s working like the logic above.

Are you sure that the members you invited had the ability to create new workspace/board?


Have you invited them through ‘Invite’ or ‘Share’ option?

I’m not sure - what’s the difference between the two?
Sorry, I can’t remember how I invited the others.
I invited our “Conference Room” to have its own account (it also has its own email address), and while signing it up, it asked all the “owner” startup questions: what are you going to use Infinity for, what will your first board be, etc. - and it created a new board. I haven’t asked our other team members, but I think their onboarding worked properly as you intended.

Invite is for Workspace/Board members to join.

Share is to spread a word about Infinity on Social, Email, etc…

I think/hope I used Invite. I’ll try inviting some more folks next week and let you know what happens.

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