Only show user's record in a board

hi this would be nice to have a share option, when an user only sees his own records.
Usecase : I am the manager of a team of 10 salesman (SM)
I want to see all salesamen report in one place.
I don’t want the salesmen to see others records

Hi @ncanoumea :wave:

Welcome to the community, we are stoked to have you here :tada:

This can be achieved, we do have the option which lets you decide who is going to be able to see what folders in your board. The best way to go about this is to simply create folders for each individual member inside your board, so folder for:

  1. John
  2. Mike
  3. Steven
  4. Barack

And then you set up members for each individual folder. For folder John - you let just John be in that folder, for folder Mike you let Mike be the only person in it.

All you would have to do is hover over the folder name, click on the 3 dots that appear on the far right side of the folders name, click on them and then select settings. Once a new module opens, click on members and decide who you want to be a part of that folder.

You as the owner, you will always be able to see all the folders in that board. When it comes to seeing all the data from all the folders, in that case use our board overview and you will be able to see all their reports from all their folders.

Hope that helps :v: