Option for Views on the Side?

Has Infinity ever considered providing the option to locate views on the side like Airtable does instead of on top? Going from feedback, I find that teams find it so, so much easier to use Views on the side. The reality is that for many boards it makes a lot more sense to store almost everything in a single folder and just use lots of Views to filter information. And in that scenario I think locating views on the side works so much better.
Having this option would probably also make people coming from Airtable more likely to switch.
Thank You

Thank you for this suggestion. We have tried many iterations and all in one folder with views is where we settled - but limited views due to being on the top is really an inconvenience. On the side would be great and would allow multiple custom views for different people to be a reality.

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Thanks Pam. In Airtable you can even create separate sections of views with dividers in between them, which would also work great for allowing multiple views for different people. ClickUp also has a feature named “Me Mode” that could be pretty cool in Infinity. Me Mode is a simple button that can be applied to ANY view, which instantly filters all items in that view to ones assigned to the user.

Multiple folders like Infinity has is a very cool option, but I realized that the more proficient one becomes, the less it makes sense to have lots of folders, it’s literally defeating the purpose. Obviously I am generalizing and for some that may not be the case. But otherwise Views is where it’s at :-)!