Option to auto assign tasks

I am using forms on an intranet for support issue ticketing. Instead of having employees assign tasks on the form (possibly assigning tasks to the wrong person), I’d like to auto-assign a member in the “edit form” area and hide the attribute on the form so it forces notification to the sole user who deals with those issues. Thanks!

Hello @horakm, welcome to the community!

You can definitely do that if you hide the Members attribute from the form and just leave it in the table with tickets that I suggest you keep in another tab (and you probably do already).

Take a look at the image below - this little ‘eye symbol’ will allow you to show or hide certain attributes from the form. If you hide it, it will still be a part of the table, so you will be able to assign someone later to the ticket, but it won’t be visible as a field in the form.


Please let me know if this answers your question. :slight_smile:

Hi @Jovana,

This answer is very much on the right track, but I want to know if there is a way to auto-assign a member as soon as the ticket is created.

I would add the members attribute and hide it from the form, but basically want to hard code myself as the member assigned for IT tickets or another member for other types of tickets.


Hi @horakm! I’m afraid this wouldn’t be possible as it would require some kind of automation that would make the system ‘understand’ who to assign depending on the type of ticket. Perhaps it will be possible when we introduce automation.

However - what you can do is subscribe yourself to a certain form (below the form in edit mode, you will see the option to do so):


You can subscribe yourself here which means that you will receive a notification each time a new response is submitted. Perhaps that can serve as some kind of a workaround until we implement automation.

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So if he would use a separate form for every type of tickets you could already achieve what you want.
Maybe use a accordion in the site where you implement it, so you only see one form at a time.

Hey @micck, that is a great idea!

I just played a bit with this idea, and it could work almost perfectly. What I did, was I created one folder with Tickets, and then I added three different forms in the same folder (they all have different links). Each of these forms can have a different ‘subscribed member/assignee’ so that this person would receive a notification immediately when a new submission is added, and then they can also assign themselves officially (using the Members attribute), just to be able to use that to also group and filter the tickets. This is what I essentially got:

The only problem here is that for each ticket type, the person creating a ticket via a form would always need to have the correct link/correct form. A website accordion, as Michael suggested, might help solve this issue as well. :slight_smile:

Hope our brains combined help you with this use case @horakm! :smile: