Option to create sections like Asana & Todoist

We like to limit the number of boards and keep things simple. One of the strengths of Asana & Todoist is that you can brainstorm all of the steps to complete a project, then break each step down into phases or sections. I know you can do this with folders and and labels in Infinity - the problem is you are then forced to create multiple boards… Plus it makes things overly complex.

For example, we have three boards… All under one team. See below. Weekly and as a team we review each task and label “this week” for sprints. It’s a simple structure but allows us to focus on getting stuff done versus spending time in the project tool… Which is what’s it’s really about.

Simple really, just allow users to add a “:” and the task is converted into a section. Simple. Todoist does this well.

Anyway, I’ve used Trello, Asana & Todoist over the years… Managing a team of 25. Allowing users to create sections… and further breakdown tasks into manageable chunks… is really the attraction for a lot of people for both Asana & Todoist. Even clickup doesn’t allow this functionality. With Trello… The number one complaint is a big picture view of everything that needs to get done… And switching back and forth between boards.

Thought I’d share my thoughts :slight_smile: I know you’re pushing infinity as the “all in one” project tool. Hopefully this fits within your vision.

Personal projects
Project 1

Company projects
Project 1

  • Phase 1
    Task 1
    Task 2
  • Phase 2
    Task 1
    Task 2

Client projects


Here is a quick video for more of what I mean, https://www.screencast.com/t/AOK5tNW1CQf1

Basically we get the best of both worlds… We can use folders for structure… And sections to break down projects… Then we can keep everything under one board… And quickly get an idea of everything that needs to get done.

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