Options when exporting to pdf

I have few questions about exporting files to PDF:

When exporting a tab within a folder to PDF the result is a file that does not contain all columns in my tables. Any table with more columns than fit a sheet of A4 or letter sized paper in landscape is truncated horizontally to fit. As many pages as needed to contain the rows will export; it is just the columns that get truncated. Is this the only current functionality or am I possibly missing an option to export to a larger sheet size?

Is there an option to set an export to be in portrait orientation? I also have several tabs that would take up less paper when printed, and be more readable, if they could export in portrait orientation.

Is it possible to set up an automation to automatically export a pdf or CSV of a board? I do not see an automation but am hoping I’ve just overlooked something.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Hey there @dave2 :wave:

Those are some great questions, lets go through them together:

  1. That is the case for now, you would have to decide what you want to “fit” on the A4 paper by using our “customize option” or by reordering the attributes. The only suggestion we can offer is to prioritize / decide what (attributes) you want to see and then simply ignore some of the ones that might not be as relevant (like created at, a secondary phone number, a start date or similar).

Our team is aware of this and I am sure they have it on their list of things to improve and fix, which might take a bit of time due to their other priorities and features.

  1. Portrait orientation, unfortunately - no, there isn’t a way or an option with which you can change / decide how it is going to export, but it would be great if it can be added ( I am not sure how difficult or easy this could be added) - so, I would encourage you to suggest it via this FORM so that other users can vote for this as well.

  2. Such option isn’t available yet, there is a way to send an item as a PDF (individual item) to a person or multiple people using our automations (action send email), but other than that we don’t have any automation related possibilities when exporting data.

Regarding Automation mentioned above:

Trigger - you get to decide what it is (you can make it time sensitive = date arrives)
Action - send email (in there you will find the option to “attach this item as a PDF” )


Hope this helps at least a little bit @dave2

Morning @marko,

Thank you for the insight into how pdf export currently functions and the suggestion to use e-mail automation as one way to export data automatically. I’ll be sure if there isn’t already a suggestion related to what I’m looking for to use the form to add my own.

I was hopeful that I was just overlooking a way to do what I wanted. Looking forward to all the future refinements to the Infinity platform.

Thanks again for your time, Cheers

Hi @dave2

You are welcome Dave :pray:

Things do take time, but we do have a general idea of where we want to move with all our improvements and update related to not just exporting, CSVs, attachments, mobile apps, but for everything else as well.

As time goes, we’ll make sure to update you guys on it all. I would suggest checking our roadmap and our updates folders from time to time just to see what we have released.

Cheers :v: