OR function in filters

I have products or customers with a variety of labels but I need to filter those that have several different labels.

ie. I want those with offices in not just one or two States but when they are in Alaska OR Texas.

For now I seem to be only able to filter matches for Alaska AND Texas.

Hey @leshenderson,

Our Filter feature has ‘OR’ condition, have you tried it?


Or have you tried both conditions, but you don’t like the logic of how they work?

Ha. I had no idea that was there. I didn’t see reference to it in your Help Docs and never thought to see if the option expanded. Thanks.

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I’m sorry if our current Help Center doesn’t include some stuff, we’ve been overwhelmed by a lot of different stuff and skipped out on some stuff eventually.

We’re in the process of defining new Help Center / Hub that will include everything. :slight_smile:

I’m glad at least I was able to help.

Thanks, @leshenderson for everything you’re doing. We really appreciate you.