Paste Image from Cipboard not working

If I do a screenshot in Vivaldi and try paste into the card description it fails.
Everywhere else In windows 10 it works (ie: trello card in same browser or

Errors given are:
Not found
Image upload failed.

Hello @Derrick, I believe it was intended to work this way, you can’t copy images from the clipboard into Infinity for now.

I will add a suggestion for the team, however, to see if this can be changed in the future. Thanks!

Hi @Jovana, you must have done something as it appears to be working now. :slight_smile:

Indeed it is @Derrick! :slight_smile: I just tested it and it’s working for me. Perhaps it was a temporary issue we had at the time - as our product manager tells me that this was indeed possible before as well, but it might have been a temporary bug.

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