Pdf export...the good and not so good

The new pdf export is a great addition. In some instances it needs to be improved.

  1. When exporting a record with images the images are small. It would be a nice option to set an option to print each image on a single page.
  2. When exporting a record with an image inside the rtf field the image doesn’t print.

Also in the rtf field if I insert and image I cannot later click on it and view the entire image.

Thanks for your time.

Hi @john.cesta :wave:

Thank you for pointing that out, we’ll make sure to go through this with our team!

Regarding your first option, I am not entirely sure how that would work, would that be a separate export, would that be an item export + an additional page(s) where the attachments would be bigger. It is definitely something to think through, I believe our team went with the best possible option that works for the most users!

When it comes to our Long Text attribute ( I am assuming that’s the rtf field you are talking about), I will make sure to ask our team why images “added” to it do not print out, also - I’ll double check if clicking on the images was left like that intentionally!

Thank you for this John, we appreciate it!