PDF/Printable Version of Form & Storage


In addition to the details of the form populating the appropriate fields in a folder, it would be great if when the form is submitted, a PDF version is created and stored.

For example:

  1. Form sent to client.
  2. Client fills out form and submits.
  3. All details in form populate in appropriate attribute fields in folder.
  4. A PDF version of the form version they filled out is retained. (I think there could be a section in the “form edit view” that collects and stores PDF versions of all submitted forms)
  5. Ideally, you could then have an attribute where you can link to the PDF view of the form.
  6. The form would then be downloadable and printable.

I’m sure there are many ways to configure this but the core feature of saving a pdf/printable version of the form would be useful in my business.

Looking forward to hearing if this would be useful to anyone else.



Hey @mjscheerer!

That’s a great suggestion, thanks.

Technically, you could upload a PDF file to the ‘attachments’ attribute. :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to forward this to the dev team and create a suggestion ticket. Thanks!