Pdf Report including comments option

Me and my team started to work with Infinity and we have a very good feeling.
We created a list of tasks and review points for each project.
It will be fantastic if we could Print a pdf report at the end of the job with an include and exclude option for the comments.
besides is there any project of integration with evernote ?
In this case we will be able to export our summary review in a Specific evernote note. It will be great. Otherwise, a pdf report to attach manually in evernote will be very useful too.

Hi there @a.larosa,

Thanks for the kind words!

I understand and second the desire to upgrade your workflow by including reporting in a way of PDF printing, however, this feature is due to later this year (more towards the end of it).

It has been included to the ‘Planning’ column in the official Roadmap, and will of course, get an opportunity to be voted for once the Roadmap is released. :slight_smile: