PDF Table Export - Include Sum (Summary) Of A Column

Is there any possible way of including the SUM of a column when exporting a table to PDF?

It would be important to anyone using a table to track tasks, time, rates and totals, say for example that accumulated during the month and have the SUM of the columns included in the PDF export.

Is it possible to do this now? Or should this be a feature request?

Hi @ian1 :wave:

From the testing I have done I have to confirm that this isn’t possible for now, however - I do believe that this should be included and added as an option when exporting your view to PDF. It will be extremely useful :muscle:

I’ll make sure to create an internal suggestion for our team, but I would also advise you to submit a feature request through this FORM so that other users can vote for it.

If its easy to implement, we might see it sooner rather than later. :crossed_fingers:

Hope that helps @ian1 :v: