Performance reports


Is there a way to create performance reports by member?
An automated report that summarizes specific KPIs chosen by the admin.


Hey there @walid.kheriji :wave:

You can create a specific tab for a specific member where you’ll have a perfect view for whatever type of data you need (number of completed tasks, tasks in stages, overview of all the tasks done in Q1 2022 or similar), then you can export that as a PDF file which can serve as a report.

You can also use our charts - but that really depends on what you are going for, how your use case is designed and the way you ant to look at the data. (Charts can also be exported as CSV, SVG and PNG )


Only admins can export data but it cannot be automated for now, it will have to be manual. You can create an automation ( every time period), that will remind you on daily, weekly or monthly basis to generate those reports.

Hope that helps at least a little bit Walid :pray:

Cheers :v: