Performance Update Live?

Looks like you guys pushed a performance update recently that you were talking about? Or I’m just imagining this? I had a large databases that was crawling slow before when you were scrolling up and down the list or right and left. That is much better now. Not blazing fast but it is definitely a great improvement to before and promising outlook for the performace of Infinity.

Will you be able to also change something about how the bases are pre-loaded upfront? I mean now it seems when I open a large base it can take quite a while before it appears on my screen. And if I open a smaller one, it loads faster. So it seems that all the data is pre-loaded when opening. And I assume this will become an issue with larger databases.


Hey @scholvien,

Yup, we’ve been publishing new performance updates every 10-14 days, and the one we’ve published yesterday might have made significant changes. But each update had its own importance and spot in the progress.

We’re still in the process of fully optimizing the performance of the app, and pre-loading will also be a part of the overall improvement.

I am getting very frequent crashes today. Some items or attribute definitions just cannot be updated.

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Seems to be Safari related. Haven’t experience further crash after switching to Firefox.

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A bug ticket has been created!

Thanks :slight_smile:

The only tables where it is not faster for me at least are the ones that have a lot of reference fields. I have one that has 2 columns with references and this table is very slow. Whereas others are much faster now as before.

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