Please allow us to categorize boards using a folder structure


I love Infinity and am curious why the only way to view Boards is as huge life size rectangles :blush:? I am curious if you realize there are folks that would like to use Infinity not just for “databases”, but for pretty much any application where a spreadsheet would normally be used.

Because even for simple uses it is so much more streamlined and enjoyable to use than a spreadsheet. But not having any type of simple list view for boards, or folder structure to hold them, really limits use to specialized instances, because it’s not practical, at least IMO, to have a page with 100 big rectangles as the only way to view Boards.

Or perhaps for some infrastructure reason you need to purposely limit people from creating hundreds of boards? If not my sugestion:

  • At a minimum, just let us view boards in a list view.
  • Better yet allow us to use folders, even if only one level deep, to organize our boards within a workspace.

Thank you for considering!