Portfolio Management

At the moment product is in good shape of managing the projects and related tasks. however, there is need to view those projects as a summary in term of portfolio, that enable portfolio management at minimum extent.

This feature really depict the health of portfolio and bring attention toward problem area rather projects facts resides at detail level.

it’s highly appreciated if team consider and pursue the need of above use case.

Could you use the folders as a porfolio with sub project hierachy?

Then the board / folder overview would be a portfolio summary of sorts.

Would be nice to get some summation functionality built into the overview, like summing, averages, etc, on other fields.


Hi @sfr.farhan!

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Thanks for bringing this up.

I highly agree with @CodeKnight. I couldn’t put this better :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your thoughts.

If the suggestion is not good enough, we’d like to see a visual example, maybe in some other tool?