Possible to do with Infinity?


Here are something I would like to be able to do via Infinity

  1. When a card is dragged to another board, a email is sent to all the members of the group that is in that card. The contact information of those members are in a different board (Human Resources Board).

  2. Within the email, there is a “button” for the FIRST person to respond.

  3. When that button is clicked, inside the card, the information of the person who responded is linked. Then the card is moved to the next column

Is this possible?

This would be something like Trello’s Butler on Steroids!



Hi @landofawz, thank you for the idea. Indeed, this would require some heavy automation. :sweat_smile:

We are currently working on some automation - recurring tasks, reminders, and soon If This Then That, that will allow you to create some triggers and actions, however, I must admit that this would be probably even more complex to achieve. So, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you for now regarding a use case such as this. :confused: