Presentation (Full-Screen) Mode

There should be a sort of full-screen mode, without the two upper bars (see screenshot). Obviously also Intercom and help icons at bottom should be hidden.
The modal is not a problem, since it appears only when editing a single object.
It would be nice to keep our small logo at the left or center, but it’s not essential.
This presentation or simplified mode should be something that we setup also when we share the project, so at first-sight new users can immediately feel at home.

Hey @alessandro,


It’s wonderful to have you here, as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this suggestion. I’ll make sure to create a suggestion ticket and put into the queue.


Great suggestions, especially when more views come out. These could go up on TV screens for presenting things in Infinity.

Just a tip - you can hide the Intercom bubble by clicking your profile icon and selecting “Toggle Intercom”.

For the time being, you could also hide what you need manually through DevTools/custom CSS. See the screenshot.

Note that if you hide the folder panes (top/side) you wouldn’t really be able to navigate anywhere.

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