Press TAB to advance to next field (in a table)

I was very surprised that as I was filling out fields in Infinity that when I finished filling out one field and then hit TAB to move to the next field, it did nothing.:disappointed:

Excel, gSheets, Numbers (mac), Airtable, and even web based WYSIWYG’s all seem to have this basic functionality that after inputting data, you can hit TAB to advance or move the cursor to the next tab, so you can fill out each successive field, without taking your fingers off the keyboard.

I hope Infinity gets this… soon!

Agreed. The entire navigation in Infinity is very keyboard unfriendly. This is one of the key annoyances I have in Infinity!

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That falls into the same category as “navigating tables with the arrow keys”. I think this was planned at some point if I remember right by the infinity team, but I cannot find it anywhere in the roadmap now. Might be good to add it there also. I have als been waiting for this as it would make working on tables much faster. Right now we have to click every cell one by one to enter anything.

It is on the roadmap in the planning section atm. Be sure to vote for it:

It has less votes than uploading a custom background - which is imo a nice extra, but the keyboard function is one of the most important and underrated functions. It will save so much time for everybody, it would improve the (human) performance in infinity much more than the technical performance optimization has.

Yes already voted on it. The only comment on that feature is mine :blush:Hopefully they get to it soon.

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Hi @Jordan and everyone, thank you for your input!

As @micck mentioned, keyboard shortcuts are on our roadmap, in the Planning stage. Currently, they don’t have as many votes as some other features, so they are still a bit down the road, but this may also change. :slight_smile:

But rest assured we understand that this feature would make work much smoother and easier, we’re looking forward to it as well.


This is completely needed. It’s a key user friendly requirement. So surprised it’s not been implemented even two years down the line! I’ve purchased this to try to get my team to use Infinity - if it is less user friendly than excel or google sheets it will be a hard sell.