Print out / PDF Reports

It is useful to have the possibility to print out data or in PDF.

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I absolutely agree with you on this one, both printing and reporting features are important and we do have them on our roadmap:

  1. Printing which is still a part of our planning stage
  2. Report which is currently in our backlog

But they are both coming and will be a part of Infinity in the future. Of course, I would encourage you to visit the links above and vote for the features as it might just help us increase their priority. :v:

Thank you for the suggestions :pray:

as far as I understand, it is by now possible to print PDF
but is it not possible for all members to do this?
so far on my bords the button to generate PDF does only appear for my as an owner but all my full members can’t do it.
I’d glad to hear from you

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You can export your data as a PDF, that is correct - it can be an individual item or it can be your table view, but - as you mentioned, not everyone can do this.

When it comes to who can export your data, whether that is as a CSV file or as a PDF - those would would be the owner himself and all the admins. Full members or Restricted members cannot export your data.

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Do we have the ability to print/export Gantt charts?

I can only see pdf/export for Lists but not Gantt view

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Unfortunately that isn’t possible for now. When exporting your tab as a PDF, your data will be exported as a table, regardless of what view you are in (table, list or columns view).

Export to PDF is a recent addition to Infinity, so we will most likely add more options in the future and you will probably be able to export your data in a much better way.

Hope that helps @jag :pray: