Problems with Checkboxes


First of all, great work! I think you are doing awesome work and I am very exited about Infinity!

I have encountered two issues with the checkboxes:

  1. I cannot edit the attribute checbox e.g. change the name

  2. In a subfolder I removed the default checkbox attribute and added a new one (so it has the name I want). But what happened then is that in the parent folder there were two checkboxes next to each other although only my new attribute showed up in the card. So I removed it and now there is only one checkbox but it doesn’t show up in the card.


Hey @Micheco!

Thanks for the kind words, we appreciate that!

Huh, that’s strange. Could you refresh, and try again, or maybe open up a console whilst that action, and send us a screenshot?

Regarding the issue with sub and parent folder, we’ve experienced that before but was supposed to be fixed. I’ll make sure to double check it with my team. :slight_smile: