Problems with Checkboxes

First of all, great work! I think you are doing awesome work and I am very exited about Infinity!

I have encountered two issues with the checkboxes:

  1. I cannot edit the attribute checbox e.g. change the name

  2. In a subfolder I removed the default checkbox attribute and added a new one (so it has the name I want). But what happened then is that in the parent folder there were two checkboxes next to each other although only my new attribute showed up in the card. So I removed it and now there is only one checkbox but it doesn’t show up in the card.

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Hey @Micheco!

Thanks for the kind words, we appreciate that!

Huh, that’s strange. Could you refresh, and try again, or maybe open up a console whilst that action, and send us a screenshot?

Regarding the issue with sub and parent folder, we’ve experienced that before but was supposed to be fixed. I’ll make sure to double check it with my team. :slight_smile:

Adding on to this -

When I check a checkbox in the task view it’s not doing anything, no console messages are being logged or anything.

I’m having to open the attribute panel and check the box there - that does confirm a PUT in the console.

Looks like whatever tied the checkbox in the main view to the actual attribute value has broken.

Thanks @richardjohnpaul, we’ll definitely look into this. It kind of defies the purpose of the checkbox if you have to go into each an every item to check it. Thanks for reporting this! :slight_smile:

This also seems to be happening with the Name attribute.

Updating the Name inside my task list view is not updating it in the attribute and it’s reverting on refresh or navigating away and back unless updated through the attributes panel.

Hey @richardjohnpaul, we had a bug with Name attribute which should be fixed now. But let’s see if the checkbox is related to that. Could you let me know if you notice any changes now that the ‘Name’ bug is fixed?

All seems to be working now! Checkboxes and names in the list view are interacting with the attributes again.

Thanks @Jovana!

You’re welcome!

Just a quick note - some users have reported to still have the bug with Name attribute, and we’re on it right now. Just in case you notice it happening again.