Product Management Framework/Guide is live!


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We’ve just published a practical product management framework which will help you to build the right products and build them right.

The framework includes:

:white_check_mark: Guide with 22 articles with theoretical knowledge

:white_check_mark: Templates to apply the knowledge

:white_check_mark: A tool to execute this framework

The goal of the framework is to help you:

:bulb: Have a clear idea of what you’re building and why.

:dart: Define what your product needs to achieve and how to get there.

:exclamation: Determine and prioritize the most important features to build next.

:hammer_and_pick: Turn the vision into actionable work and prioritize what’s important.

:busts_in_silhouette: Define who, when and what needs to be done today to achieve the long-term goals.

Here’s the link to the framework summary on Medium where you can access all resources:…/the-practical-product-management-frame…

As always, thank you for your support.

To Infinity and beyond!

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