Progress always shows at least 1% and is visible in the overview

Hello there,
I would like to use the progress bar, but it seems it is not entirely ready yet.

Current Behaviour:
If Min is 0 and Max is 100 the Progress Bar always shows at least 1%

Expected Behaviour
The progress bar should start with 0%, and ideally should be hidden from the overview until a percentage is set. This makes for a cleaner user interface and allows to see at one glance which tasks have been started.

Thank you!

Hi @danieleder, thanks for opening this discussion!

We had a slight bug with the Progress attribute, but we fixed it yesterday.

Unfortunately, if you’ve already created this attribute and set its values, the app remembered the 1% and you’ll need to move the progress bar to get it to come to 0%.

So, if you have a progress bar on an item that says 1%, just move it to the right, and then move it back to the left, and it will turn to 0%.

You can also delete this progress attribute that you have, and create a new one.

Hope this makes sense. And sorry for the inconvenience. :see_no_evil:

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Hi @Jovana,
Thank you for the quick reply!

I in fact created the attribute today and noticed this issue.
I deleted it and added a new one but it still shows 1% by default for all cards. If I move it right and then back left it shows 0 inside the card, but in the overview it shows 1% still.

Can you possibly look into this again? I know it’s not a major issue so no worries there.
I’m happy to provide a board that reproduces this issue in a PN.


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Thanks for letting me know about this, @danieleder. I’ll let our devs know right away, and we’ll make sure to fix this bug asap.

When you say overview, do you mean the board overview or a tab/view?

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Sorry, I’m not entirely sure what it is called - I mean the view you get when looking into a folder (e.g. columns view):

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Yes, I supposed you meant that. :slight_smile: Thanks again, we’re already on it.

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