Public Roadmap -- The Next Step


Hi @stefan,

I think Infinity could go one step further… Add a folder/Board for Help requests, Bug reports, Announcements, essentially everything you have here could be integrated so easily into Infinity’s system.

Also, I’d like to be able to Watch the entire Board, or individual folders. Is that currently possible?

This would keep your user base (any who are interested) tied in very neatly to Infinity, and it would allow your team to stay integrated into the same environment for all work. It may spark a few more ideas as development of new/improved features is discussed.



Hey @BaiJie, thanks for the suggestions. I agree, we can do everything in that board. We have a bug option in the Form, and also Announcement folders. But this can be improved, we’ll work on it.



Has there been discussion of being able to watch a board as a guest?