Public Roadmap -- The Next Step

Hi @stefan,

I think Infinity could go one step further… Add a folder/Board for Help requests, Bug reports, Announcements, essentially everything you have here could be integrated so easily into Infinity’s system.

Also, I’d like to be able to Watch the entire Board, or individual folders. Is that currently possible?

This would keep your user base (any who are interested) tied in very neatly to Infinity, and it would allow your team to stay integrated into the same environment for all work. It may spark a few more ideas as development of new/improved features is discussed.

Hey @BaiJie, thanks for the suggestions. I agree, we can do everything in that board. We have a bug option in the Form, and also Announcement folders. But this can be improved, we’ll work on it.

Has there been discussion of being able to watch a board as a guest?

Hello @BaiJie, would you elaborate a bit? Currently, you can watch a board as a guest - if you make the board public.

For example, our public roadmap which is embedded onto our website can be seen by anyone - even if they don’t have an Infinity account.

Let me know if you meant something different.

Hi Jovana,

I am talking about a new feature I think:

Instead of just having item-specific “watching” functionality, I would like to have board-wide reminders for any action that occurs. Currently there is an “eye” image for every item that allows you to watch activity for that item. I can’t add myself as a “Removed User” on the public roadmap (I can remove other users though… that might need to be fixed).

I want to be able to add myself to the whole board; I want to click on the eye at the top left of the board, and be notified for anything that happens board-wide. Or folder-wide would be good too.

Hello @BaiJie, that sounds like a good idea! Thanks for explaining.

According to my knowledge, we haven’t thought about that yet but I’ll make sure to add it to our suggestion list so the team can discuss it and potentially add it to our roadmap at some point.

Thanks for the idea! :slight_smile:

We were quite excited to have the visibility into where Infinity is taking us.
At the same time, this visibility shows the velocity we are moving forward, especially on the ones committed.
The roadmap items really need to be managed and updated accordingly, at least bi-weekly, I hope.
Otherwise they are just misrepresentation or even worse, not really providing us the visibility.

There are items well beyond due date, but the due dates are not updated, nor there has been movements from Backlog & “To do” towards the right columns for quite sometime now. How should we really interpret the public roadmap?


Hi @j11 agreed! We have scheduled a meeting for today where we will update the roadmap and discuss how the roadmap will be updated from now on. I’m expecting much better management of the public roadmap from this week on. :slight_smile:

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