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I am a new user who purchased a LTD, for the freelancer package. So far I am just exploring the app and I am satisfied with what how I can use the app. I m more than happy with what features set the app provides and the open Roadmap is an awesome feature with the users being able to vote for the next priority!! :smile:

Please do bear in mind I am still a rookie with the app.

However, I wanted to know if there is a way to purchase additional workspaces - just add on additional workspaces to my existing one workspace. In my mind, it sort of makes sense to use different workspaces for different projects or different types of projectsā€¦

Also, while we are on the topicā€¦ Is there a way to reset my account and start over with the onboarding process all over again?? I m just midly curious about the other optionsā€¦

Also, I understand there is an existing discussion about markdown support in the Long text or something similarā€¦ I think it would amazing if this was extended to the comment section as wellā€¦
Just my 2 cents!!

Thanks in advance!! :smile:



Hi @narumanchisrikrishna :wave:

Welcome to the community, we are stoked to have you here :partying_face:

Thank you for sharing your awesome feedback with us, we really appreciate it :hugs:

So, let me cover some of the aspects of Infinity before I tell you how you can actually purchase an additional workspace. :brain: :thinking:

Now, currently, with the plan you own, you most likely have just one workspace. What that one workspace is meant to be used for is - one of your companies, maybe brands that you are building or businesses that you own.

In that one workspace, you can have as many boards as you want, and those boards can represent 3 different things:

  1. Departments ( like HR, Sales, Marketingā€¦) of your company.
  2. Different clients ( Coca Cola, Apple, Samsung, Huawei) that you work with
  3. You can create one board for absolutely everything (clients, projects, tasks, archives, formsā€¦)

So, with one workspace and the ability to have as many boards as you want, can be more than enough for what you need. Now, it is entirely possible that you want to have your own workspace for personal related things, family related things (even though that can be organized in that one workspace) so i"ll explain how you can purchase an additional workspace.

First step would be to click on ā€œnew workspaceā€ button at the very bottom of your dashboard:

Once clicked you will be prompted to purchase an additional plan, after you continue the process you will be taken to our ā€œplansā€ page, where youā€™ll select one of the plans, input your credit card information and purchase an additional workspace.

Another way of achieving that would be to click on the button in the top right side of your screen called ā€œusageā€ in there you have an option to buy another plan which is equal to another workspace and the process would be the same, as mentioned above.


When it comes to resetting your account, unfortunately that wouldnā€™t be an option right now, technically its not that different, you would probably get different boards and templates loaded inside your workspace (onboarding workspace) based on the answers / information you provided. :man_shrugging:

You can visit our templates page and check them all out without loading them, it would be much faster. :+1:

When it comes to our long text attribute and comments-> rich text editor is also available in the comments section and it offers almost the same functionality as in the long text attribute.

Hope that helps @narumanchisrikrishna :clap: :pray:
( Every master was once a beginner)

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Thank you for the help!! :slight_smile:
It does clear up some of the questions I have hadā€¦

And it was my mistakeā€¦ I was trying to use the wrong method to apply markdown featuresā€¦ :man_facepalming:

So, if I need additional workspaces that would imply another LTD purchase :open_mouth:

I think I ll learn to manage in oneā€¦

Neverthelessā€¦ I think this is a wonderful product and has a lot of potential once I learn how to leverage its rich featuresā€¦ :wink:

The onboarding process was just curiosityā€¦ I was wondering, apart from a standard template, would any features be limited or restricted depending on the choices one makes in the processā€¦

Nevertheless, thank you very much for the help and support :+1:



Hey @narumanchisrikrishna :wave:

You are most welcome :pray:

That is completely fine, as you mentioned you just joined infinity and we are here to help you out and make this experience with Infinity much better :wink:

Yes, exactly, that is the case, basically an additional plan. You might still have the chance to purchase an additional workspace with the 30% discount. (time limit is 21 days ).

Of course, if you get stuck or if you need help, just know that we do have 24/7 live chat support, so you can message us there and get answers much faster. Chat bubble is located in the bottom right corner of your screen while on our website or in the tool :call_me_hand:

Take care :beers: