Purchased the full package but still cannot use it

Well, most of it works but for my purpose I can’t use it.

  1. I cannot export a filtered list of members. So I have to export the full list and use excel to filter them. But that doesn’t work because see #2.
  2. When I export the full list of members the formula fields I created do not appear. So I have to recalculate those values in order to use the exported list.
  3. Most often the system stops and at the bottom it says, We are syncing data with the server. Often I have to end the task and restart infinity. It’s annoying.

I figured I would pay for the entire thing before the “deal” was over, (which it’s still not) and worry about the things that don’t work later. Unfortunately I find that there are other things that don’t work and thus prevent me form using infinity and have moved on to other products.

Infinity is just not there yet. There are too many pieces missing, for me anyway.


Sorry to read that! I have been waiting (since November 2019) for Text Wrap to be implemented before investing time in Infinity. I thought surely such a basic, highly-requested feature would be just around the corner, but…

Hi @john.cesta Welcome to our community forum, we are happy to see you here! :wave: :partying_face:

I’ll make sure to address each one of your points.

The very first one - yes, unfortunately that isn’t possible for now. When exporting, you are exporting all the data from the folder itself and it comes as is, with all attributes. Filtering/ grouping or specific views won’t change anything about it. :slightly_frowning_face:

This is something to work on and improve in the future and it’s definitely something we have talked about internally. Just last month, we’ve managed to squeeze some extra time and add an option when exporting parent folder to export the child folder data as well. Which is a step forward when it comes to the overall “csv export” feature improvement. :+1:

Formulas as attributes - you are absolutely right, that is in fact a bug which is currently in the backlog - as our team is finalizing API and Reminders for the release, after which they will have much more resources to focus on other features, improvements and bugs. This is something to be sorted out and hopefully in the near future. :crossed_fingers:

When it comes to the last point, we did have some technical difficulties on Friday and over the weekend but everything should be working just fine now. In fact, does it still happen on your side? :thinking:

We do value users opinions, constructive criticism and honest feedback - so, don’t be afraid to let us know everything that’s preventing you from using Infinity - as we would like to know what to potentially focus on more in the future.

@kevin We are actually already working on something that can help you with that, it’s already on our roadmap in the doing column and there are a few screenshots attached to the item to serve as a sneak peek :wink:

Here’s where you can see it on our roadmap it’s a part of a much larger feautre/improvement :sun_with_face:

Ok, today I went back to infinity and noticed some improvements. I decided to start using it once again. It’s the only app for me that runs on all devices and in the web.


Hi @john.cesta :wave:

Welcome back, we hope that the new set of features will help you organize better inside infinity :slight_smile:

Of course, if any questions come up - don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat support - it’s the fastest way to get help:)

Cheers :v: