Questions / issues with time field for calendar events

Hi everyone,

I have a folder for meetings and events which have a start and end date and time. The time part is the tricky bit tough because the calendar both should include all-day events like a 3-day virtual conference (where I don’t want/need time, only the date) but also meetings and appointments that only take a couple of minutes or hours and therefore need time.

On an event that I want to be all-day (or multi-day), I can’r leave the time portion blank. If I do, it resets to 00:00 which still is a time and causes the calendar to see it as a timed event - filling in the entire day in day or week view instead of simply listing the item in the “all-day” row.

I’ve built a public demo board where you can see and play around with the issue:

Sidenote. would be great as a date format option. That’s how dates are formatted here in Germany where I live.

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Hi, @saskia and welcome to CF.

You’re right, its confising and not as standard calendar works. I hope @coa we’ll add this to suggestions but maybe in the meantime you can create 2 sets of date attributes? One that you have now for start/end with DATE and TIME and the other set of two date attributes with start/end with DATE but without time? You know, don’t mark “Include time field”. You can also specify date format.

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