Quick add tasks/table items

New user, apologies if his is already available.

currently adding tasks to a list:

  1. click on new task, a form opens
  2. click on task name
  3. type name
  4. click outside form to return to list.
  5. repeat

If I were doing this in a spreadsheet, I’d add my dozen or rows by multiple click or dropdown, then just type name, return, type name, return … etc. Much quicker.

Or is there a secret, quicker way already?

Also, editing items directly in the table rather than opening a form each time would be so much quicker.

Table view. doh!

sorry for the noise.

Hi @kim.aldis! Welcome to the community!

No worries, we’re glad you found the solution.

Yes, you can always use the table as the quickest way to add new item and populate the values inside. But then you can use other views to display your data differently. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, keyboard navigation is not implemented in Infinity. This is one of my pet peeves too. The bummer is that it is not too high up on the priority list for them to implement.

The trick is to not vote for fancy features, but only for the most important ones for you. If everybody would do that I think the roadmap would look very different.