Rapid item creation with copy/paste cells from Excel (spreadsheet)

I would like to create multiple items by copying/pasting cells form a spreadsheet:

  • each line should be an 1 item
  • each column should be a field on the item

For example:
Columns: Title, StartDate, EndDate

Trello is able to convert multiple cards out of multiple lines, but it doesn’t support fields, only the card title.


Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

We’ve discussed it a few times already and it’s in our backlog to be implemented in the next 1-2 months.

…or maybe even sooner if @damir89 get’s tired of hearing about it and do the magic in one evening :slight_smile:


How about an excel import tool where the user could assign what goes where?!

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Hi @knuthake,

Thanks for the suggestion.

We’re testing this feature at this moment, already made rapid checklist item creation, and now working on rapid item paste creation.

Our guess is that import from excel will be live in a month-two from now.



Hi Stefan
are we close to releasing this

Hey @autax,

To be honest, we had slight glitches while adding this feature. Thus, the delay was inevitable.

However, both Multiple Select and Rapid item copy/paste are in the backlog and will be implemented soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Are there any news about this feature?
This topic is more than 2 years old…

Since then the public roadmap had been used to prioritize features and their implementation. Check the roadmap for that feature and vote for it.

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Hi @dennba, welcome to the community, super glad to have you here! :smiley:

When it comes to copy paste in general, you are able to copy a line of text and paste it inside infinity in order to create an item, the line of text copied will act as the name of the item. However, when it comes to copying whole rows or specific cells that are for different purposes (date, phone, email or similar) -unfortunately - that is not yet available, and as @micck suggested we do have our roadmap where you can see exactly where certain features are and in what stage.

Hopefully we will see other improvements to the copy/paste rapid item creation in the future.