Rapid item creation

Not sure if you’re already planning this, but one of the most important features for me is the ability to create new items instantly, before I forget them.

This is super useful at the start of a new project, when we’re brainstorming all the actions that need to be taken. We should be able to start creating items instantly, and add multiple items in rapid succession. Often we’re just jotting down the basic names of each task as fast as we think of them: “Create Proposal Graphics,” “Ship projector to Chicago,” etc. At any point we should be able to stop creating and go thru the raw list of new items to add due dates, assignments, etc.

Not only should we be able to do this inside of Infinity, but it would be great to have a global hotkey combination that can capture new items wherever I am, with just a keystroke. Is this possible with a web app?


Hi @adam, thanks for the suggestion.

This is ultra important for us also. We know how ‘slow item/tasks inserting’ can kill brainstorms.

I guess the best solution is still a few decades ahead of us when we are going to be able to insert stuff directly from our brains :slight_smile: But until then, we’ll do our best to make the fastest experiences for fast thinkers. This includes:

  • Creating flow without using the mouse
  • Working with multiple items ( creating, pasting, moving, removing, etc… )
  • Keyboard shortcuts for everything
  • Chrome addons and desktop app
  • Voice commands

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use global hotkeys in a web app. But it’s possible with the desktop app, and our goal is to release it by the Q2 2019.


Thanks, Stefan - sounds great. I’m excited how thoroughly you’re thinking about this. Can’t wait to see the beta.


It’s Q2 of 2019.
Is there any update on a desktop app, or Chrome Addon to handle keyboard control?
This is a key selling point for me.

Hey @Aaron.Whitaker!

Welcome to our Community Forum, and thanks for opening this topic :slight_smile:

Both Desktop app and Chrome extensions for Infinity are currently at a medium priority.

The core team of our developers is focused on advanced permissions, new dashboard, new account (workspace/board) settings, as well as Mobile app(s), app performance improvements (speed), etc.

I believe we’ll focus on keyboard shortcuts (controls) this summer, and Desktop app this fall.

If there’s any way I can help, feel free to reach out to me via email (aleksandar.dimitrijevic@startinfinity.com), or schedule a call. :slight_smile:

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Is this on the roadmap still? (I think we need a big update on the roadmap list, with completed items and upcoming items. :slight_smile: )

It is @BaiJie. :slight_smile:

Just in the ‘medium’ priority column.

I’ll make sure to talk to Stefan and the rest of the team to see what we can come up with. But we’ll definitely keep you posted.

As for what we’re currently doing, .CSV import has just been released.

Mobile apps are being wrapped up to their final stages. From there, we’ll need to spend some time on getting them listed to iOS and Play (Google) Store, but that’s around 85-90% done.

We’re also working on a new, improved version of the calendar view. It’ll be much faster with daily, weekly and monthly views. It’s around 75% done.

Advanced permissions with new workspace and board setting are somewhere around 30%.

App performances are also an ongoing process, alongside UX/UI improvements. :slight_smile:

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