Rating Attribute - Average Option

It would be great to not only be able to adjust the rating directly as it is at the moment, but to collect multiple ratings and then see the average value of them.
For example when getting feedback from multiple clients for a feature over weeks or months it´s tedious to keep an external calculation of what´s the average star rating to then input it into infinity.

Better would be this:
The option for average-rating may be selected when creating the attribute.
Then for every click on the stars infinity would add this to the average calculation.

Hi @micck, unfortunately this is not possible to do, but there are several workarounds you can try. You can add rating attribute called “example feature” and then each new item in the table can be a different client, then just click Summary and Average.

For example:

Thank you @Jovana, too bad it´s not possible. I´ll see how your workaround does the job.
As you wrote of several solutions, what are other ones? You described already one and the picture shows another one.

Hey @micck, off the top of my head, this is the best workaround I can think of right now. The image is from our product management template where we created a competition grid, but I added it here just as an example of the ‘average’ functionality.

I suggest combining a table and rating attribute. But of course you can also have one functionality as an item, and then note each feedback in a long text attribute, or in comments. But in that case, you’d have to count the average by hand.

Thanks for clarifying!