Recent/Saved Filters for improved UX filter speed

The Filter function is awesome, though being able to access filters faster would be even better.
When you open up the filter section there could be a list of recent used filters and/or your favorite filters (maybe starred filters). This would speed up the filter process enormously.


Yes. The current filtering system is great, but I agree that ‘saved filters’ (or shortcuts) would be extremely helpful.

Below is an example of how Google Ads approaches this. Nothing fancy, just a way for you to make your filter and then save it as a name. If you name a new filter the same name as an existing one it will prompt an “are you sure?” window and you can proceed whichever way you way. Once a filter is saved, it’s very helpful to allow us to see what the breakdown of the filter is like. In Google, you select the filter and then you see the breakdown of the filter’s settings in the blue bar.