Recurring tasks

Hi @coa,
that´s fine for me. I just wanted to check, because there was already an ETA given. I´d rather have the functions working well and wait a year longer than having everything half-backed. So take your time!

I´m using infinity more and more and am still impressed by what it can do already. Though it takes some time to get a hang on what is and how it is possible.

Keep up the good work!

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Hi there! Any new ETA on this? :slight_smile:

Actually, a Zapier template which allows creating recurring tasks in Infinity has just been published:


Thanks for the Zapier receipe, but it would be nice to have this natively. It’s a fundamental part of ANY calendar system I’ve ever used, even dating back to the 1970’s systems. That the Infinity calendar can’t handle a recurring date is baffling to me.

Note that this item IS on the Infinity roadmap, but it’s way at the bottom of the list. If anyone feels this is worthy (and I encourage you to do so!), please up-vote it! We also need this functionality.



I can’t agree more! I noticed, however, that it’s at the top so I hope it’ll get priority developmemt during next team meeting.

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I find zapier really confusing in many ways. If I start using them for things like this will they start charging me? I just don’t have the time to investigate their functions and learn the their systems.
So having this native would be a fantastic idea.

This really sucks. It can be a simple Recurring option within the attributes where it lets you select either days on calendar or weekly, monthly, yearly…etc.
Any word on when this is going to be implemented?

Hi @razvan.stoichita, hi everyone!

We are actually planning to add recurring tasks in the near future. As it’s one of the most requested features on our roadmap (at this moment, it’s the feature with the most votes), we’ll definitely take that into consideration and my guess is that we will start working on it quite soon (after we complete the current priorities which you can also see on our roadmap).

If you haven’t already, feel free to take a look at our Public Roadmap and vote for recurring items and other features you deem important. It means a lot to us to hear your voice so we can better understand what features our community needs the most.

Hope that helps a bit! :slight_smile:


I saw that the updates haven’t been updated since April… :slight_smile:

Also, is there any word on expanding the roadmap to include everything that is in the community? There really could be a full migration to be everything native Infinity, and maintenance of this site could be phased out. It would be nice to just keep everything in one place.

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Totally agree here, would love to see everyone in these forums added as comment only users on the user voice tab, that way the ideas become the topics just like they are here. Plus need another drop down list selection for bug reports. Is there anything else?

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A filter option to show only comments in the activity log of a board would be really helpful. This would help a lot to keep an overview about what is happening in the board as the “updated at” attribute does not reflect any added comments:

Also the “Removed User” status in the Activity Log confuses me a lot. Though once you click to show the item the real names appear.

To add a public board to my favorites so that they should appear on the main dashboard. Maybe as their own workspace “Subscribed Boards”:

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It is now the end of March 2021. No updates for multiple months. I am shocked this feature doesn’t exist - especially after being promised now it looks like for almost 3 years. Is there an ETA?

Hi @andy1, welcome to the community! If you look at our roadmap, you’ll notice that this is something we are currently working on. Recurring items will be a part of a larger ‘automation’ feature which we are currently building.

This is an incredibly challenging feature to implement, possibly one of the most demanding things we’ve ever had to implement in Infinity. That’s why I’m afraid I don’t have an exact ETA for you as it’s not such a straightforward process, but this is currently one of our biggest priorities.