Recycle bin/undelete

Sometimes, accidents happen, especially on Monday mornings before the first cup of coffee… If you delete a folder and all its contents, there doesn’t seem to be any recycle bin from where you can restore the folder/tasks. Is this on the roadmap?


Hey @beritrep,

Awesome catch! Thanks for the suggestion.

Yes, it’s 100% necessary to have at least an ‘Undo’ button, or sort of a Recycle Bin.

Here’s the partial solution until we develop it (March probably): Create a folder that you’ll call ‘Archive/Completed’ or something similar to that. Make sure to move all the ‘finished’ or ‘done’ items there, instead of completely deleting them.

I hope that’s not too complicated for now… But we’ll speed things up here. I promise!

All the best and thanks again! :slight_smile:


+1 for this

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+1 for this. Having Recycle bean is must have.


Hey guys! Undo (on items) are on the way! Be prepared :slight_smile:

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But please give us Archieve / Trashcan so in case someone deletes something we can restore later. Notion has archieve for each table/board as well as global.

Would love undo, deleted a folder by accident and lost hours of work :frowning: Undo please!

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Hey @mail4vinh!

Gosh, I’m sorry that happened.

Here’s the thing: For now, we have an ‘Undo’ feature for items. That was the first undo feature to implement, and we’re going to continue releasing for folders, tabs (views), boards…

However: our devs can restore your folder in a few minutes. Can you just send us the board ID (link in your browser when the board is opened), and the name of that specific folder you’ve deleted by accident?

Thanks in advance.

How do you access the Undo feature for items? (given its a deleted item?)

Hey @lumenon_infinity!

You can’t access the ‘folder’ where are located the items deleted.

Undo is available once you delete an item, a folder, and a comment.

That was the first step in implementing a more safe environment for your projects.

We’ll continue with creating a specific ‘Recycle bin’ or ‘Archive’ folder/place where you can access the deleted data (items, folders, and comments). I’m afraid that can’t be of a high priority right now, but hopefully we can focus on it in a couple of months. :slight_smile:


Yeah, there must be a recycle bin to restore deleted items and folders. I deleted a folder by mistake and it was a very important one. Now I don’t have any clue how to get it back.

Hope the StartInfinity team is kind enough to restore that folder from their database.

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Hey @pranay_rathod,

This feature is in the pipeline, and I hope we’ll see it in Q2.

Regarding folder retrieval, have you contacted Boka via live chat? She should address CTO with the issue, and we can get it back in a couple of hours.

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Hi, I’m also voting for possibility to restore items.
Eg if I see in the activity log that some of my team members deleted an item from a folder some time ago, and I want to take it back to the table.

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Hey @asofix,

Just wanted to make sure you know for the current feature ‘Undo’ which shows every time you delete an item or a folder.

Apart from that, retrieving data from Activity Log might be a solution we’re going to go with.

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Not sure what the current status is for this, but it would be nice to have a “Recycling Bin” for reviewing purposes. One thing I try to do periodically is to go back through things I marked as complete over the last couple days as sometimes new requirements popped up, sometimes it was an accident I didn’t catch, sometimes they serve as a trigger for additional related work. I think this could be managed as it’s own folder within your existing system with some discipline from end users, but some benefits of a built in recycling bin include:

  • a standardized place to track burndown over a time period
  • this could be handled within folders with the same subfolder items toggle
  • click to restore beyond a undo button few minutes after deletion
  • automated cleanup (delete items after 5 days) or manual delete all

I can imagine basic functionality for this idea could be completed quite easily.

  • add an additional config option for folders to enable soft deletes
  • when soft delete is enabled, give all deleted items a system level tag / timestamp that can be displayed similarly to createdAt
  • for folders with soft delete, add a default filter to all subfolder views to hide deleted items by default

stretch goal:

  • in the folder settings, when soft deletes are enabled, optionally configure automatic clean up after x days/weeks/etc

Hey @btm373,

Welcome to the CF and thanks for the great suggestion.

I’m confident the tech team will appreciate your effort to explain both the logic and tech part of the idea.

For now, we’re advising our members to create a separate folder called ‘Archive’ in which they can store due/past tasks or data. :slight_smile:

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