Recycle bin/undelete


Sometimes, accidents happen, especially on Monday mornings before the first cup of coffee… If you delete a folder and all its contents, there doesn’t seem to be any recycle bin from where you can restore the folder/tasks. Is this on the roadmap?


Hey @beritrep,

Awesome catch! Thanks for the suggestion.

Yes, it’s 100% necessary to have at least an ‘Undo’ button, or sort of a Recycle Bin.

Here’s the partial solution until we develop it (March probably): Create a folder that you’ll call ‘Archive/Completed’ or something similar to that. Make sure to move all the ‘finished’ or ‘done’ items there, instead of completely deleting them.

I hope that’s not too complicated for now… But we’ll speed things up here. I promise!

All the best and thanks again! :slight_smile: